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Glam Booth

Glam has become popular after the Kardashians and other celebrities started using the technique back in 2013. The glam booth has also gained popularity not only for it’s timeless look, but it’s ability to make every guest look flawless. We all know how it goes you start the wedding all done up and a couple drinks and the DJ starts playing the bangers and the look starts to get a little rough. No problem, with the glam facial filter your guest will still make the image shimmer.

Your guests will love capturing their memories on your special day with Crazy Daisy’s glamorous black and white studio quality images. Add Crazy Daisy’s flawless skin filter and your guests will be shinning bright like a diamond.

No Extra charge

Glam Booth is included in our Studio Booth rate. Select Glam Booth in our services and watch your guest shine.

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Studio Booth $750