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Our goal at Crazy Daisy is to provide the most seamless booking process possible. We simplified our service options so you don’t have to spend your valuable time weighing a laundry list of different options are, and worry you left something out.  Think In N Out vs Cheese Cake Factory.

Studio Booth - $750

The Studio Booth includes everything for 4 hours excluding the options below, it even includes the Glam Booth!

Prints - $200

The prints are unlimited and come in 2×6 strips or 4×6 for size options and matte or glossy paper. 

Video Testimonial - $150

Allow your guests congratulate you or share a special memory through a video message. Amazing b-roll content for an amazing wedding video.


It's that simple

It takes 10 minutes to book Crazy Daisy through our booking document. The booking document will be sent over via email (check your Promotions folder) after completing our booking form. This allows you to book without having to speak to a human, if that’s how you roll. Or you can choose to schedule a consultation where we can walk you through the booking process, and explain everything we offer.